Decorate Pioneer Museum

Beautify the community by annual effort of Club members during the first week in December to decorate museum and grounds to be enjoyed by visitors and residents of Dade City. The circles of the Dade City Garden Club each decorate different buildings with permanent and fresh greenery that the members of the Club and their friends cut and bring in for the Christmas decorations. Since 1996 when one building was decorated, the project has grown to decorating five buildings, the grounds and the gate, with approximately 60% club participation in this project on the actual day of decorating. All Circles contribute to the project by donating the materials needed to create the historically authentic decorations. 

Memorial Tree & Arbor Day Program

The Dade City Garden Club Memorial Tree Program was created in support of The City’s Tree City USA designation and is co-sponsored by both the Dade City Garden Club and the City of Dade City. This program presents the perfect opportunity to plant a living tribute to honor a memory, a celebration, or to recognize a special person or event.

Since 1994, approximately 450 trees have been planted throughout Dade City, which provide a living and lasting tribute to the honored recipients. Members sell memorial trees and provide a dedication ceremony for the community held at the Dade City Garden Club co-sponsored with the City.

To download the Dade City Garden Club Reservation Request form to participate in the 2023 program, click here.

Ornament Sale

Preserve history and develop community pride through annual design and sale of custom ornaments depicting local landmarks or institutions. Since 1994 the Dade City Garden Club has designed and sold an annual historical ornament honoring a local place or organization. This sale is a major fund raiser for the Dade City Garden Club and proceeds are used to maintain the garden club’s historic building and grounds and to support its community projects. Every club member participates in this project by choosing each year’s ornament design and by selling as many ornaments as they can. In addition to purchasing through club members, the ornament can always be purchased at the Dade City Chamber of Commerce, the Club’s ornament sales partner since 1994. 

National Garden Week

Increase awareness within the community of the Garden Club’s mission through floral and educational displays and activities throughout the community. The Club kicked-off the week this year with a Proclamation from the Mayor of Dade City, dedicated our Monarch Waystation and hosted a come-and-go event for the public to learn more about butterfly gardening and our Dade City Monarch Butterfly Haven certification program. Free milkweeds were distributed at the event. Throughout the week members from all six circles and members at large visited 34 businesses delivering floral arrangements or potted plants. 

Monarch Project

Leads a community effort to increase awareness and educate the public on the importance of helping the Monarch butterfly and other pollinators. The Dade City Garden Club has partnered with the City of Dade City to establish Dade City as a Monarch City USA and promotes the Monarch Project through workshops, creating Monarch habitat by certifying Monarch Butterfly Havens in Dade City and the hosting of an annual Monarch Butterfly Festival in Dade City. A new butterfly garden has been created on the garden club grounds which will be maintained as a demonstration garden and a Monarch Waystation. Seventeen committee members representing all six circles and members at large are active in organizing and promoting the Project’s activities. 

The Gardens at the Dade City Garden Club

Members maintain a three acre site surrounding the Clubhouse with individual gardens assigned to each of our six circles, a demonstration butterfly garden which has been certified as a Monarch Waystation, and an edible wildlife garden. All of the gardens were designed, planted and are maintained by members through monthly work days and are a popular place for people to visit to enjoy nature or use as a backdrop for photos of lifetime milestones, such as weddings and proms. Funding for the individual gardens is provided by the sponsoring Circles/Committees and major funding comes from general garden club fundraising efforts as well as a Lawn Maintenance fee included in member dues. Pennie Jefferson, Grounds Chairman. Uncorked—Held every other year, this event represents the major fundraising effort of the Dade City Garden Club and involves participation from all members through ticket sales, preparing hors d’oeuvres and staffing the food/wine stations. Organized by a dedicated group of members from each circle and members-at-large, the event offers guests an opportunity to sip wine and taste beer, nibble pared appetizers, attend cooking classes, win unique prizes, and enjoy festive music, all while strolling the beautiful gardens of the Dade City Garden Club. Although organized as a fundraiser, Uncorked presents a great opportunity to introduce the Dade City Garden Club, its historic building and grounds, the passion of the membership and the Club’s contributions to the community to those who attend the event.