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In 2019, when Dade City became a Monarch City USA, one of the pledges that our community took on was to create and restore habitat for the struggling Monarch. One of its first goals of the Monarch Project was to create a Monarch Waystation on garden club property. The vision was that this site would serve as a demonstration garden where visitors could visualize how a working butterfly garden could fit into their own home landscape.

The committee did not have an area but through the cooperation of two of our circles, a small plot within the garden club was given to us for that purpose. We are not worried that our plot is small and still young. It is our theory that each small garden, even a small container garden, planted with Milkweed and nectar plants can make a difference. And as it matures, we are looking forward to providing awareness and inspiration to the visitors who come here.

For more information, contact us and let us know how we can help.

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